Mere - Swamp Thang

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Mere - Swamp Thang
Mere - Swamp Thang

Every once in awhile we create a color that is beautiful but not meant to be part of the regular color palette. This Oddball collection of color may be an experiment or an oops but it's always a happy surprise for you to discover.

Mere is a sturdy yet soft superwash merino yarn.  Shown here in the Swamp Thang colorway, it's 4-ply construction and easy care nature make it a great go-to yarn for sweaters, hats and all the cables!

worsted weight
100% superwash merino
approx. 200 yds/115g 

I recommend alternating skeins every few rows so that the colors blend properly. I know it’s a pain but you will be so much happier in the end. Do it for your sanity and your finished object.

Also, though technically true that superwash bases are machine washable on a gentle cycle, why not be kind and hand wash them? They’ll last longer! You’ve spent time and money to create your beautiful new object. It deserves a little extra love and care! Always wash with cool water and lay flat to dry.

Also, also, I’ve tried really hard to photograph the yarns so that the color shows correctly. Unfortunately, you all can’t look at the lovely pics on my monitor. If you are unsure about a color/have questions please let me know. I will be happy to help!