Foxy Sweater Scarf Kit {yarn only}

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Foxy Sweater Scarf Kit {yarn only}
Foxy Sweater Scarf Kit {yarn only}
Foxy Sweater Scarf Kit {yarn only}
Foxy Sweater Scarf Kit {yarn only}
Foxy Sweater Scarf Kit {yarn only}
Foxy Sweater Scarf Kit {yarn only}



The Foxy Sweater Scarf by the super talented Olga Putano is a clever twist on that classic hand knit staple, the scarf! 

It's knitted from one end to the other, to create a very long scarf with a sleeve on each end. It can be worn with the fabric crossing at the front or back and is a nice accessory to have with you when you’re not sure if you’ll get cold enough for a sweater. The stitch pattern on the body is very easy and addicting to knit! The ribbed sleeves are worked in the round and the body flat, with the border picked up as the finishing touch and ribbing is worked for a few rounds. Great project for mindless or travel/car knitting!

Knit with four colors of our Vixen base, you can chose your own or shop one of our curated kits: Olga's Version {Bougie Blue, Desert Rose, Lemon Squeezy & Silver Sage}, Aimee's Version {Squirrel, Honey Bear, Temperance & Heavy Whip}, or On More for Fun {Deep Water, Major Tom, Old Gold & Lanquid}

Sizes: 1 (2) 3 (4)
To fit bust circumference: 32-40 (41-49) 50-58 (59-67) in.
Length: 106 (135) 164.5 (194) in.
Width: 19 (21.4) 23.8 (26.2) in.
Ribbed sleeve at elbow (stretched): 15 (17) 19 (21) in. ( rib is very stretchy and sleeves are meant to hug - they can stretch some more beyond these measurements) Pick your size and get knitting! 

Knit with four colors of our Vixen base, you'll need the following number of skeins to make your own:

C1 - 1 (2) 2 (2) skeins
C2 - 1 skein for all sizes
C3 - 1 skein for all sizes 
C4 - 1 (2) 2 (2) skeins

You can find the pattern for Foxy Sweater Scarf on Ravelry here

Or through Olga's website here.

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